Software Development Projects:

Automation of new process tool prototype in startup environment

Developed software for controlling a new process tool for LED materials. I did the electrical and electronic design, chose the components, and wrote software for the automation.

Complex R&D Gasbox Automation

Developed software for controlling a complicated R&D gasbox for semiconductor processing. This included serial communication with the host software, control and monitoring of all IO, and an extensive user interface.

Semiconductor System Control Software

Developed the system controller and wafer router for a batch CVD Tool. The software controlled mulitple vacuum chambers, indexers and a wafer handling robot. User interface relied on a touch screen running Windows. Software provided logging capability, recipe writing and execution, and diagnostics.

Wafer Transfer Control Software

Designed a wafer router for a single wafer CVD process tool. This router was quite efficient and flexible, responding appropriately to changes in processing times for different chambers. The system was able to achieve a substantial throughput advantage over its competitors. Software was flexible to operate properly while allowing the customer to choose between different robots and load lock indexers.

300mm Factory Automation

Provided field support for a full 300mm Factory Automation implementation. This required getting to know the client’s code well enough to help the customer’s engineers as well as using tools like SECSIM to do experiments and verify execution of specific messages.

Complete port of Spectrometer software to windows

Ported a client’s Dos-based products to Windows. I created a common user interface for the complete product line that complied with the Sematech User Interface specs. The products are spectrometer based film thickness monitors & endpoint detectors. I also imposed source code control in the client company, which they had not bothered with before. This made it possible for them to support their products over the long term, even as they grew and hired more engineers.

HSMS Protocol

Implemented the HSMS protocol for a factory automation client. Semiconductor companies automated their wafer fabs using this product. This protocol implementation was the path between the factory host and all of the individual equipment in the fab


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