Systems Engineering Projects:

Furnace Automation

Automated a standalone furnace to include automated vacuum system and gas delivery. Integrated an automatic substrate handler for fully automated processing.

LED Materials System

Designed the electronics for LED materials processing system that was easy to change. Managed multiple changes over its lifetime in a startup environment

Batch CVD System

I led the development and prototype of a complete batch CVD system. In this role, I was the primary systems engineer. I set the requirements and the schedule, and made sure that each subsystem met its goals. As each part became available, i oversaw the integration of the hardware and software.

Source Evaluations

I visited suppliers to see their development and manufacturing processes. I also visited supplier sites for acceptance testing of major system components. This requires a combination of firmness and flexibility. Firmness, in that the systems cannot ship until they meet the requirements. Flexibilty, because things do change somewhat in development, and there is sometimes a need to re-evalutate the approach.

Field Audits

I visited customer sites, in some cases to see equipment installation, sometimes to see a company's products integrated into the customer's product. The primary goal is to see how smoothly things go, and whether the factory process needs to change in order to support customers better. In other cases, it is to educate the customer on how to use the product to their best advantage. In both cases, ability to keep cool under fire is essential.

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