Factory Automation Projects:

CVD Tool supplier SECS Interface

Developed new SECS messages for an existing tool, and produced documentation for the entire factory host interface. Demonstrated fully automatic operation through the host interface using SECSIM. Supported customer signoff of the upgrades with the client's customer.

HSMS Protocol Implementation for a Cell Controller Software Company

Created HSMS Protocol layer on Windows Sockets to operate between client's host sofware and the tools in the fab. Library created to handle large messages and run in a multi-threaded environment. Originally developed the software as a library, and then later Integrated the HSMS software into their product.

Tool Integration in customer fabs for cleaning tool supplier

Developed SECSIM scripts for full 300mm SECS host operation of client's tools. Traveled to customer fabs in Korea, Malaysia, and Italy to upgrade systems, test the implementation, and support integration with factory host. Worked with customers to understand their needs and modify code to match the interface to their host.

E84 Host Emulator

Developed functional testing product for sale to equipment companies and Fabs. This product provides the capability to test the E84 response of tools with various error conditions, and produces log files of tool behavior. Development required electronic design, PCB layout, packaging design, supplier qualification and software development. Click the link for more information.

E84 Troubleshooting & Testing for a wafer cleaning tool supplier

Used the E84 Emulator product to isolate bugs in client's equipment. Worked with client and their load port supplier to correct the problems. Did full dry-run test of their E84 interface prior to their installing the upgrades in their customer's fabs in Korea.


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