Test Engineering Projects:

Fiber Optics Test System

Developed circuits and software for testing fiber optic transmitters and receivers. The difficulty here is in producing reliable low power signals to test the marginal performance of the fiber optic receivers. This was accomplished by calibrating the power control to the transistor driving the led that was connected to the fiber optic cable. The system also included a versatile off-the-shelf data generator that provided bit error rate tests in a compact package. The test system was a good mix of existing capabilities and just enough new design to get the job done.

Data Collection

Wrote custom test software to automate data collection for SPICE models. Then wrote data crunch software to make the data useful for creating the models. This made it possible to make accurate models using many more devices than were possible by a technician collecting data by hand. The models were more accurate, and allowed circuit designers to develop integrated circuits in fewer design iterations.

Trident Missle components

Headed up software and systems engineering on component test system. Some of the systems were for in-house use, others were shipped to other suppliers and to the Navy. Wrote diagnostic software performed debugging, and did all of the compliance/acceptance testing of the system.

PC Board Functional Test

Developed software and systems for testing PC boards that are part of disk drive product. Two types of testers were developed. One relied on captive HDA, the other simulated the functions of the HDA to get a more uniform test of the PC boards. These testers reduced manufacturing costs by identifying problems earlier in the cycle and allowing board vendors to quickly correct problems.

Bearing Tester

This was a small custom tester which measured tiny changes in torque at low speeds. These variations in friction have a large impact on track to track seek time in disk drives. This tester allowed the company to eliminate marginal bearings before they were installed in the disk drives.

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