Project Management :

Process Chamber Development

I managed a project to quickly create a new type of process chamber using parts already designed for other chamber types. Was able to put new chamber online in 3 months. Managed mechanical engineer for minor changes, and software engineer for more substantial changes. Did electronic & firmware development myself.

PVD Gun Prototype

I managed the assembly and testing of a prototype PVD gun to demonstrate feasability and work out the problems with the new design. This led to a successful implementation of a new design for the guns..

Prototype Batch CVD Tool

As project leader for a batch CVD tool prototype, I organized the project, hired engineers, and led the effort to design and build it. I was able to deliver the tool on a very tight schedule with a fairly small team. Successful processing by this tool enabled the company to get additional VC funding and design and build production equipment. This original tool was then in continual use for years as the test bed for the newest processes in development.

Fifty-wafer Enhancement to Batch Tool

A later version of the batch tool required a major design change to double the process capacity. As project leader, I gathered requirements and got commitments from everyone on the team, and then worked make it happen. Much of the software development was done by an outside supplier that I had to manage carefully. I also had to develop a complicated acceptance test because we needed to operate at the edge of the physics and do it reliably.

Manufacturing Equipment Process

I developed a streamlined ECO process for manufacturing and test equipment developed for in-house use. The company had been sending such equipment through its product ECO process, which caused bottlenecks, both for the company's products, and for the required equipment. By developing a parallel, streamlined process for the equipment, the standard ECO process could be prioritized without regard for manufacturing equipment, and the equipment did not have to meet irrelevant requirements imposed on the products that shipped to end customers.

Test Systems for Missile components

I managed a team which developed test equipment for a couple of modules that were part of the Trident II missle program. The bulk of the work was in developing test software, but included special fixturing for calibration and self-test of the system. Everything needed to be done under control of military standards. We also designed cabling to make it possible to test the older Trident I modules on the new system so that the older test systems could be retired.


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